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Janelle Monae Opens up about Her Coming out Experience

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Janelle Monae Opens up about Her Coming out Experience

Last year, Janelle Monae came out as pansexual in an interview with Rolling Stone. Now, Monae is opening up about the coming out experience itself via a conversation with Lizzo for them.

Though she said she was “terrified” and anticipated people thinking it was a “publicity stunt,” Monae says she was pleasantly surprised by the positive response she received.

“I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to go back home and be at all the barbecues,” she said. “I had anxiety. And a lot of it was just untrue. It was my fear of what people were gonna say. And I’m thankful that I didn’t allow that fear to get in the way of my freedom.”

Not only that, but Monae also took a moment to outline her philosophy on sexual identity, describing it as a “journey” that has led her to discover, evolve, and grow over the years.

“That’s the exciting thing — always finding out new things about who you are,” she continues. “And that’s what I love about life. It takes us on journeys that not even we ourselves sometimes are prepared for. You just adapt to where you are and how you’ve evolved as a free thinking person

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